Gallery of Ideas

  • Spain & Portugal

    Bull-fighting, famous architecture, paella and beaches. Who wouldn’t like this interesting area of the Mediterranean. Both the Moorish and Gaudi architecture are fascinating. Consider an active bike ride, a cooking tour, a chartered yacht or renting a villa. The combination of the cities of Spain and the beaches of Portugal make this an ideal family trip.

  • Spectacular Switzerland

    Geneva, St. Moritz, Gstaad, Zurich and the Matterhorn. Some of the best skiing in the world can be found here, but it is also a wonderful summer destination for a mountain getaway. Whether you come for world class skiing, fondue or hiking you will find Switzerland relaxing and welcoming.

  • London-Paris

    This traditional trip is a favorite among families. In London, see the castles like Buckingham, Kensington, Windsor or Hampton Court. For entertainment don’t miss Harry Potter at Warner Brothers Studio, world class theater and the history of rock & roll. Other favorites include soccer, Shakespeare and Stonehenge. In Paris, go beyond the huge museums and gourmet meals. Take a night cruise down the Seine, see a fashion show, or learn to bake French pastries.

  • Loire, Normandy, Paris

    The French Royalty built their magnificent homes in the most beautiful valley in France. Each tried to outdo the last in terms of opulence and grandeur. Visit these grand palaces and vast gardens. Bike or hot air balloon over this region. Seeing the beaches at Normandy and the cemeteries of those who lost their lives will greatly enhance your understanding of WWII. In Paris, go beyond the huge museums and gourmet meals. Take a night cruise down the Seine, see a fashion show, or learn to bake French pastries.

  • Italian Countryside

    Renting a villa in the countryside is a dream come true. Gather your family for an experience never to be forgotten. Beautiful landscapes, gourmet meals and lots of activities including biking, shopping, wine tasting, driving Ferraris, learning to cook delicious Italian food, touring a chocolate factory or going on a photography tour.

  • Rome, Florence, Venice

    These three iconic Italian cities hold the secret to Italy’s true essence. See the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo. Kids know who they are, but let them really discover what motivated them and made them so revolutionary. Ride a gondola or climb to the top of the Duomo. Go to gladiator school or learn how to make pizza or gelato. Everyone loves Italy!

  • Castles & Golf in the UK

    Combine your family’s interests into one unforgettable experience. Golf, gardens, castles, tea & shopping, hiking, biking and more. Play some of the greatest golf anywhere whether it is in Ireland, Scotland or England. Ryder Cup courses or British Open courses will offer some of the best golf you have ever experienced. In addition, visit historic castles, gardens of Gertrude Jekyll or hike and bike along the rugged coast.

  • English Royalty

    Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Kate & William. They are all fascinating and so much a part of history. See the castles like Buckingham, Kensington, Windsor or Hampton Court. For entertainment don’t miss Harry Potter at Warner Brothers Studio, world-class theater and the history of rock & roll. Other favorites include soccer, Shakespeare and Stonehenge.

  • Germany, Austria & the Alps

    Germany offers insight into WWII history as well as fascinating cities like Munich. In Austria, learn about the history of the Hapsburgs and the role Austria played in WWII. Take the Sound of Music tour or visit charming towns like Salzburg and Vienna. Come at Christmas time or Summer and your family will be delighted.

  • Alaskan Nature Voyage

    The 49th state is sheer magnificence. Glaciers, bears, whales and crabs. Vast landscapes with awe-inspiring scenery make this a must-do trip. Whether you choose a cruise, a small boat with naturalists or rustic lodges, you are sure to see unparalleled landscapes, wildlife and sea creatures.

  • Civil War South

    America’s deadliest war is so much a part of our history. Gone with the Wind brought it to life.Whether you are a Yankee of a Confederate you can learn so much about the war that brought an end to slavery. Plantations, historic sites, wonderful food, seaside resorts, and Southern hospitality make this a spectacular family adventure.

  • Revolutionary War Boston

    Boston is another must see city. Kids already know so much about it from school, but follow the Freedom trail to see sites including Faneuil Hall, Boston Commons and North Church. Then watch the Lobstermen bring in their daily catch or go to Fenway Park, one of the oldest ballparks in the country for a great day of baseball .

  • Newport Mansions, Cape Cod and the Hamptons

    Visit the homes of Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, or Carnegie. Summering for the Kennedys and America’s elite. Picturesque rocky beaches, lighthouses and clapboard homes. Delicious seafood, yachting and the Tennis Hall of Fame. The East Coast will delight any family looking for a beautiful seaside retreat.

  • California Dreamin’

    Stay at a resort and play golf, surf, visit the Hollywood sites or just drive the coast. Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, or Pebble Beach. Universal Studios, Disneyland or the San Diego Zoo. There are beautiful beaches and resorts galore with no shortage of activities for all!

  • Dude Ranch

    Gather up your family at a luxury ranch and lasso your partner. The mountains are a delight to look at and there is more than enough to do — fish, ride, hike or just relax by the campfire. Many Dude ranches offer “glamping” or glamorous camping and others are rustic. Either way, it is certain to be a trip to remember.

  • Hike the National Parks

    Explore America’s Best Idea! Take your family to see the most spectacular natural landscapes and be awed by the magnificence of Glacier, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite… Hike, ride horses, whitewater raft or go fly fishing and be sure to bring your camera to capture your family amongst the fabulous scenery.