Itinerary: A Sample Trip in Italy

Below is a sample trip for a family reunion in Italy. Here is what you might expect day-to-day:

Day 1

  • Fly to Rome, get picked up by your driver and taken to the Cavalieri Hotel. 
  • Swim, have tea and a nap
  • See the Forum at Night tour
  • Eat at Gusto ‘Osteria for Italian specialties the whole family will love

Day 2

  • Wake up and go to Gladiator School. It’s time to learn what life was like in the time of the Gladiators. Imagine Roman times under Caesar and the battles with the beasts in the Colloseum.
  • In the afternoon, get a glimpse of Roman history with your family friendly guide. See Leonardo DaVinci’s flying machines, the Pantheon, the Vatican and be sure to stop for some Gelato.
  • Dinner at Archeologia in the Garden for Italian favorites.

Day 3

  • It’s time to explore the Italian Countryside. You will be picked up by your driver and driven to your Italian Villa. Stop along the way at various hill towns such as Orvieto, San Gimignano or some you never heard of.
  • Spend the afternoon swimming and relaxing by the pool, exploring the gardens or hiking.
  • Dinner will be provided by your personal chef. He will first demonstrate how to make pizza, pasta and other Italian favorites. Afterwards, you will taste the delicious creations.

Day 4

  • Wake up and go on a bike tour today. You will see Italian hill towns, sunflower fields, chapels, castles, and more. Have a picnic lunch or stop at a pizzeria.
  • Your personal Masseuse will arrive for an afternoon massage.
  • Cocktails and tour of a local vineyard. Dinner at Cum Quibus.

Day 5 

  • Your driver will arrive in the morning to pick you up for Florence. You will see Michelangelo’s David, the Uffizi, and climb to the top of the Duomo. Of course there will be time for gelato or a macchiato. Shop, explore Vasari’s Corridor and visit a chocolate factory. Florence is an all day excursion offering so much to see and do. 
  • Your chef returns with anti-pasti, local wines, pizzas and pastas and more. The kids can play bocce, billiards or ping pong while you mingle, laugh and reminisce about your day.

Day 6

  • Golf, tennis, racing Ferrari’s or relaxing. You name it — we can find it for you to do. This day is just for you, however you like it.
  • A gourmet meal at Buca di Fransesca.

Day 7

  • Travel back to Rome. Pick up some treasures, get a last great Italian meal or sneak into a small café. See anything you think you missed on this remarkable trip.
  • End with a tasting dinner everyone will remember. Toast your family for the memories you have all created together!

Day 8

  • Depart for home.