Our Story

Traveling is the greatest gift you can give your family!

Liz and Mike Kohler are history majors and have a passion for travel and showing kids the world in a way that is fun and educational. They both grew up in traveling families. Mike spent summers in Switzerland where his mother grew up. Liz’s grandparents had a traveling bug which took them to 120 countries. They shared that passion by taking the extended family on a multi-generational trip every year.

Liz and Mike are experienced in traveling with kids. They traveled around the world as kids and have continued that tradition with their own 3 children. Having been to 47 of the 50 States, almost every country in Western Europe as well as great places in Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, they are experienced and seasoned in leisure travel. Their goal is to create unique, authentic kid-friendly trips that are hassle free allowing you to relax, feel pampered and create “forever” memories. Focusing on luxury accommodations, spectacular sites and delicious meals helps create beautiful experiences that will go beyond your wildest dreams!

In their own words:

We have traveled extensively both as kids and with our own kids, so we know what works. We first started traveling internationally with our own kids when they were one and three years old. We have been at it for almost 20 years since then. It has been a real bonding experience. Traveling is the greatest gift you can give your kids!

We think traveling educates us to be knowledgeable, compassionate and creative. Our mission is to show kids the world to build self-esteem, awareness of worldwide issues and develop skills they might not be exposed to at home.

We hope to create memories for your family that will last a lifetime. We strive to give you experiences never imagined and celebrations that exceed your greatest expectations.

Liz and Mike did a terrific job of creating many wonderful memories for my family. Our trip to Italy was magical, enabling us to experience it in a way we could have never planned on our own.

Laura D.